What is it with you nature? 

What is it with you nature?
How do you captivate me so much?

Despite of all the love I have for the humans who love me,
I end up loving you the most.

You are the beauty, and well,
here I am, your beast.
Yes, You are my beautiful and
I am your damned.

You don’t sing but the whistle
in those winds and the rustle
in these rains
make me want to dance.
You don’t speak
but I hear your words
asking me to join you
in your shrine.
You are calling me out,
asking for help,
but I stay here, ignoring your plea,
with these gadgets in my hand.
You offer me so much in love
yet the only thing I do
is only wish,
wish to be at your disposal
the second you shower me
with your charm.
It seems like we are star-crossed lovers
trying find our path to one another.

Fascinating but true,
this story of ours is like those of unrequited love,
for our eyes glisten with a tint of pink
and our hearts pound,
but it does not reach the other.


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